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Expand your market beyond Canada to Taiwan. A team in Taiwan is eager to introduce your wine to 23 million Taiwanese and Asia Pacific. Let them help you grow your business in a different time zone while you sleep! Let the profit go back to our wine industry so we can continue to promote Canadian wine to the world.

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Taiwan and Canada boasts a history of importing and exporting goods to one another.

According to EDC (Export Development Canada):

             “Taiwan is an export-driven economy that benefits from a well-functioning legal framework and a                       tradition of private-sector entrepreneurship. The market boasts high-quality infrastructure and a well-educated workforce, making it an appealing destination for Canadian investment. Located at the heart of the Asia-Pacific region, Taiwan's strategic position allows companies to springboard into Mainland China and the vast lucrative markets of Southeast Asia.” 

Thus, Canadian Wine Export Association wants to support and help local Canadian wine growers to be able to expand their market to Taiwan. Currently, wine import in Taiwan is worth $9.6 million (CDN) in 2019 according to In comparison, Canada’s wine import is $5.1 million (CDN) in 2019 (Statistics Canada). Clearly the Taiwanese people enjoy drinking wine. It's time to put your wine on their table.

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