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Let's go to Taiwan!

  • Best Value

    Taiwan Road Trip

    June-Dec 2024 Canadian Wine Road Trip-Taiwan
    • Product Promoters
    • Marketing materials translation & prints
    • Customs clearance tax and fees for samples
    • Local shipping&handlings
    • Accommodation
    • Transportation
    • +4 International Trade shows
  • Canadian Icewine Festival

    Canadian Icewine Festival:January1st-31st 2025
    • Booth design&decor
    • Product Promoters
    • Marketing materials translation & print
    • Customs clearance tax & fees for samples
    • Local shipping & handling

Mountain Ridge

Join Us!!

Expand your market beyond Canada to Taiwan. Let us help you introduce your product to the country.


Canada to Taiwan

We are going to promote and educate your product on our road trip to 319 cities and towns in Taiwan. We’ll match your wine to an established distributor in one of the Taiwanese cities. The distributor will boost your brand's image and sales. This multiple day event is a three year export development plan for your business. At the end of this event, we will have 319 partner's in every city and town in Taiwan to keep promoting Canadian wine. Let's grow together on this journey.

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